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Our whippets at home , some no longer with us but remembered with love......

oakbark at home 001 (640x390)

Dennis and Dorothy with an expectant crowd of whippets....

Bridget,Kiki,Scott,Lance,Candy,Lola,Gemma and Kiera

Oakbark mill gold 001 (640x345)

Ch. Oakbark Millenium Gold  " Scott "

Oakbark pile of whippets 001 (640x441)
Oakbark dennis and dogs 001 (537x640)
Oakbark cant remember 001 (640x500)
oakbark sarah and personality 001 (640x445)
Oakbark Sarah and modle picture 001 (640x466)

A pile of warm whippets

and a basket of sweet puppies

Not sure who is the most comfortable

Dennis or Rolly and Scott ? No room for Ellie....until one of the boys moves

Sarah with Bodie on the left and Mindy and Kelly on the right

All wonderful Champion Show dogs and very much part of our family

oakbark purple and blue and blu
oakbark pair on beach (640x458)

Our youngsters enjoying a family run on the beach

oakbark sunset whippy nov 2015 (720x540)
oakbark ziggy and missy (778x490)
oakbark sunbathers nov 2015 (707x360)
oakbark pile up nov 2015 (700x354)
oakbark puppies nov 2015 (800x600)
oakbark no 2015 2 (800x800)